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     My name is Pat Siler, my husband is Ed and my four legged companion (daughter) is Missi.  In 2006, we moved from our home in Asheboro, NC to Murphy, NC located in the North Carolina mountains.   Prior to moving to Murphy,  I was a paralegal and had worked in the legal field for many years.  I was unable to find a job after a short time off and began dabbling in pottery at a local studio.  I discovered rather quickly that I did not have room to store all of my handmade treasures.  I entered a local craft show and was able to sell enough pottery to pay my booth fee and pay for my supplies!  I was hooked!  Thus began our new hobby/career.    


    My husband is an integral part of our pottery business.  He runs the shop and is my main  "gopher".  He carries clay, helps with work in the studio and actually helps me make some of the pottery.  Missi is always close by to keep me company while I work in the studio.  She is also our "greeter" in the shop.  I don't have a long line of credentials in ceramics.  I have had classes and private lessons along with a lot of trials and errors.  I have watched a lot of videos and read many of books.  Sometimes the hills are alive with the sound of a hammer breaking my kiln disasters. 

      Since the 1990's, Ed and I have wanted to live in Montana, but life, in general, prevented us from moving.  Our son, his wife and our grandchildren moved to Montana in 2009.  Thus began our search for the perfect place for our business and home.  In June, 2014, I visited my son and his family in Montana City .  We took a day trip to the small town of Philipsburg, Montana, and I knew I had found the right spot.   As soon as I rode into town, I knew this was the place.  We were fortunate enough to find a shop space and a house within a short amount of time, so in September 2014, we made the move from NC to Montana.  In mid September, 2014, we opened our shop on Broadway Avenue.  The residents of this little town have been very warm and friendly and we both think we have found our "forever" home.  Ed enjoys his days in the shop meeting people from all over the world with Missi helping him greet the customers.  I enjoy my days at home in the Montana sunshine making pottery. 

Our new shop dog and greeter is Missi.  She is currently in training but loves to meet our customers.  Missi, so named because she is from Mississippi, looks forward to her daily trip to the shop and waits (Impatiently) for people to come in to see her.